HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Effective maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs up to 40%!

Ranging from HVAC preventative maintenance and commercial HVAC maintenance to operations and HVAC repair, A&G is your ultimate service provider for HVAC preventative maintenance. Our objective is to reduce unexpected downtime, increase the life expectancy and consistency of your assets, and assure the sustainability of a productive environment.


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Scheduled Maintenance

Our expert technicians visit each customer’s site and provide detailed estimates. We offer a special VIP rate that is well-known for being much more cost effective in comparison to the maintenance cost of buildings, which do not have preventative maintenance contracts. A&G also partners with other companies to ensure that all equipment is maintained accurately according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Based on our clients’ requirements, we can perform filter changes every month or every quarter and perform monthly or quarterly maintenance checks. Our professional team of expert technicians has full capabilities to offer industrial or commercial HVAC maintenance. Our HVAC preventative maintenance includes annual washing of coils, filter replacements, and cleaning of cooling towers.

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Your Energy Costs

A&G Piping’s HVAC preventative maintenance keeps your HVAC system running at peak performance and minimizes the risk of downtime. Reach out today to discuss our scheduled maintenance plans.

Why Does Your HVAC Need Preventative Maintenance?

Simply put, proactive maintenance is much less costly than reactive when something goes wrong. Your commercial HVAC system is designed to last you 15-20 years. This is a considerable amount of service time, but the only way it will stay functional that long is with thorough and periodic maintenance done by a trained professional.

Seasonal preparation is a great way to make sure your heating system is ready for winter and your air conditioning is ready for summer. Extreme temperatures tend to push your HVAC system to the maximum and before the rigors of the season take over. Have the professionals at A&G give your system a thorough checkup.

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Emergency Repairs

Through scheduled HVAC maintenance and prognostic and analytical services, we help reduce the risk of impending expenses and prevent interruptions to your business. In the event of an emergency, our emergency repair service for HVAC systems provides immediate response to get your facilities running again—something that we only offer our VIP clients!

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Here are some reasons why being proactive will help in the long run:

Save energy – Time is the number one enemy of HVAC units. Those long hours of running leads to worn parts, loose connections, and overall loss of performance. A regular maintenance checkup and inspection will make sure that the unit is running at peak performance. Better efficiency means less energy is needed to run the system which in turn means lower energy costs and a more comfortable environment.

Avoid costly repairs and downtime – Our technicians are trained to spot minor issues before they become costly repairs down the road. When your system fails, your business or office may even need to close until the issue is fixed. This results not only in costs to fix the issue, but also in lost business. We have the experience to know when a noise is unusual, where to find the source of a leak and determine its severity, to see where treated air is being lost by the system so that it can be insulated. The only way you can prevent these costly fixes is to have an experienced technician inspect it at least once a year.

Keep your business safe – Gas appliances can be just as dangerous as electric and if your system has a leak or is running improperly, our inspections can address these issues before they become a real safety concern. Even brand new systems run the risk of loose connections or improper supply issues. Also, an unmaintained HVAC system could create poor indoor air quality (IAQ) that makes your building occupants sick. Don’t ever leave the safety of your employees and customers to chance. A simple call and inspection can give you the peace of mind you need to have faith in your HVAC system.

Extend the life of your unit – Your HVAC system isn’t a cheap expense. Instead, it’s an investment in the future of your building. It will be there through the sweltering heat and numbing cold protecting your building, your equipment, and your employees and customers and keeping things comfortable. Regular maintenance from A&G Services is the best way to get those 15-20 years of solid service. Like any mechanical system, the more you inspect your machinery and make small repairs when needed, the longer the system will last and the more value you will get out of it. Just because a system is old, doesn’t mean it is inefficient.

A smart way to manage your expenses – Business owners take pride in a well-run company. There is a certain satisfaction when a new idea catches lightning in a bottle and turns out to be a real money maker that changes the complexion of your business. How about when you find a new way to save money? Maybe you find a vendor that can deliver higher quality components and supplies cheaper than your current vendor. If you haven’t invested in a preventative maintenance plan from an established commercial HVAC services company like A&G Services, you are missing a prime opportunity to save money. Annual maintenance is the best way to keep your heating and cooling systems working perfectly which will reduce your energy bills.

Competitive Prices and In-House Services

At A&G, we offer competitive pricing, provide complimentary in-house services, and work in collaboration with onsite engineers. We also maintain detailed records that our clients have access to so they know their systems’ history as well as when to arrange for timely replacements or additional inspections.

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