Chiller Preventative Maintenance

We maintain your chiller’s refrigerant levels to reduce your facility’s energy costs and improve its energy efficiency.

How often do you schedule chiller inspection and maintenance appointments? Your chiller system needs regular maintenance to prevent small problems from becoming large ones. Our industrial chiller maintenance services offer reduced operating costs and assure prevention from unexpected downtime in case of an equipment breakdown.

Improve and Maintain Your Chiller’s Performance

Our comprehensive chiller preventive maintenance plan and customized service agreement plan guarantee your equipment gets appropriate and timely chiller maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. With chiller preventive maintenance services offered by A&G, you will be aware of any expected issues prior to the occurrence of a breakdown, giving you the opportunity to arrange chiller maintenance according to your schedule and prevent any downtime.

All the chiller maintenance services we offer ensure your chiller produces chilled water when necessary and has the cooling capacity to meet your facility’s HVAC needs. We also ensure that it has excellent water quality and proper flow rates. We’ll check your control systems to ensure they keep your chiller at the proper levels so it performs well. We offer absorption chiller preventive maintenance along with maintenance for traditional types of chillers.

Increase Your Chiller’s Efficiency, Reduce Your Costs

Our preventative maintenance services keep your chillers clean, efficient, and well kept, ensuring your energy and repair costs are minimized. Reach out today to set up a preventative maintenance plan.

What Chiller Preventive Maintenance Involves

Chiller preventive maintenance, also called chiller predictive maintenance, involves annual or semi-annual appointments where your technician arrives to perform routine chiller maintenance tasks. These tasks include:

  • Condenser tube brushing
  • Compressor oil analysis
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Checks for refrigerant leaks
  • Wiring checks
  • Condenser oil treatments
  • Load balance tests
  • Refrigeration charge maintenance
  • Refrigerant inspections for acids and metals
  • Cooling tower inspections

We include our chiller preventive maintenance services in our HVAC packages, which offer competitive pricing bundled into a single plan. This is a very competitive package in comparison to other chiller maintenance companies. We are proud to help many local businesses keep their chillers working properly, no matter what types of problems arise.

Don’t let your chiller decrease your HVAC system’s performance levels.

Reduce operational costs and avoid downtime with A&G Services’ chiller maintenance.

Why Does Chiller Preventive Maintenance Matter?

You may look at the list of tasks above and wonder why your industrial chiller needs so much maintenance. Your chiller needs routine preventive maintenance because it carries some of the largest electrical loads in your facility. If you allow its condenser tubes to foul up and its refrigerant to leak, your chiller ends up using more electricity than it needs to run properly. This type of energy consumption raises your energy costs and makes your entire facility less efficient than it could be with preventive maintenance. With routine preventive maintenance, you can be sure your chiller’s water cools properly and that it has the right condenser water temperatures to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Why Partner With A&G Services for Chiller Maintenance?

A&G Services has provided HVAC services to industrial facilities in Texas since 1984. Since then, we’ve seen chiller technologies grow and change, and we’ve kept up with the evolution. We understand how much industrial plants and facilities rely on chillers to maintain the right temperatures for their operations.

Our chiller maintenance services are just one of many HVAC and plumbing services that we offer. If you need more than just chiller maintenance, we can customize our services to meet your facility’s needs. We help you make your chiller as energy efficient as possible, but we also go above and beyond that to keep your facility running properly whenever necessary.

Choose A&G for Your Chiller Maintenance Needs

Choosing A&G as your preferred chiller maintenance company will assure optimum performance and prolonged life expectancy for your equipment. With us as your chiller maintenance service provider, you’ll have a long-term association with one of the top chiller maintenance companies in the area. At A&G, we collaborate with building managers and owners to provide chiller maintenance services that keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

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