Pipe Fabrication

 A&G Services offers comprehensive piping fabrication services to meet your industrial facility’s needs.

Many industrial facilities require piping to maintain their operations. A&G Services’s pipe fabrication shop offers custom piping to fit your facility. We work with several types of piping, and we adjust our services to meet your specific needs.

What Is Our Pipe Fabrication Work?

In our fabrication process, we turn metals like carbon, nickel, and stainless steel into usable pipes. Some of the metals are worked into straight pipes, while others become flanges, elbows, fittings, and other components. Using our in-house fabrication shop, we produce pipes in standard and custom sizes according to your facility’s layout and your project’s requirements.

How Do Our Fabricators Create Your Pipes?

two workers looking at a tablet while standing near piping

Our fabricators cut, bevel, weld, and heat treat stainless steel pipes and other piping materials for your facility. Our fabrication process includes the following steps:

  1. Marking: Our fabricators make specifications for every pipe in the project and mark each pipe according to those specs.
  2. Tagging: We tag each pipe with paint or stamps to display heat numbers on every piece. This step ensures that every pipe is heated at the correct temperature.
  3. Cutting: We cut each pipe with a technique that suits its specific metal. Our cutting techniques include grinding, plasma cutting, gas torching, and sawing.
  4. End Preparation: We bevel the pipes’ ends according to the project specs.
  1. Welding Planning: We plan the pipes’ welding to ensure the seams match up with each other during the final assembly stage.
  2. Pipe and Fitting Welding: We line up the pipes and their fittings to make sure they fit together properly before welding them together.
  3. Detail Marking: We mark all of the required identifying details near the joints on each pipe. These details include piping system information, inspection signatures, and welding dates.
  4. Heat Treatment: We perform heat treatment to ensure the pipes can withstand the liquids, solids, or gases they carry and the indoor and outdoor elements around them.
  5. Inspection: We inspect our pipes during the fabrication process and again at the end to make sure they’ve survived the process.

Each of these steps is part of the modern methods of pipe fabrication we use.

What Metals Do We Use To Fabricate Pipes?

We use the following metals to create pipes for industrial applications:

  • Stainless Steel, including Alloy 20
  • Stainless Copper
  • Nickel

When we take on your piping project, we assess your needs and use any combination of these metals accordingly.

Customized Piping Solutions for Any Project

Need custom pipes for your next piping project? Connect with A&G Services to book a complimentary consultation.

Do We Offer Pipes for Process Piping Applications?

Yes, we do. What’s process piping? It’s a type of piping system that carries chemicals using pressure or vacuum processes and often appears in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. We design and fabricate all of our process piping solutions to meet ASME’s process piping code. This code applies to piping that conveys raw, intermediate, and finished chemicals; liquidized solids; refrigerants; petroleum products; gas, steam, air, and water; and cryogenic fluids. Our process piping solutions carry these materials safely throughout your facility.

Why Fabricate Pipes With A&G Services?

Once we fabricate your pipes, we install them completely in your facility. We have the skills, experience, and resources to provide process pipes and other piping solutions for any large-scale industrial project. If you want custom pipe fabrication and installation from a single contractor, we have the services you’re looking for.

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