A&G Services designs proficient and smart solutions for manufacturing industries.

Process piping plays a major role in manufacturing operations. Not only is it important for plumbing, but also for transporting raw materials. Handling the installation and maintenance of your piping requires the expert attention only A&G Services can provide.

Piping for Manufacturing

Increased global competition continues to drive cost-cutting efficiencies for manufacturing businesses. Even with large companies in other areas, regarding facility maintenance, businesses are still required to do more with less. With the congregation of a digital and industrial biosphere, A&G Services is designing proficient and smart solutions for manufacturing industries. At A&G, we are committed to utilizing all our depth and breadth of resources to reimagine the way we create and offer our services. By investing in our people and technology, we deliver results that are superior to others in the industry.

Large industrial facility with oversized metal pipes being constructed

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Manufacturing Showcase

  1. General Motors: A&G provided reliable services to General Motors by performing various projects for their General Assembly Plant, including new primer paint lines and solvent cleaning lines for their painting booth. Production could only halt for two weeks. We understood the tight deadline and did everything to finish on time. This required 30 men to work in a tiny area and many weeks of preparation and planning. General Motors was so happy with the result that they also asked us to build an automotive stamping plant. All the sub-assemblies will be produced in a separate facility and then moved to different plant locations such as the newly lined body shop.
  2. Amcor Rigid Plastics: A&G has provided piping services to Amcor Rigid Plastics by equipping them with brand new equipment and process piping systems to help them with their plastic packaging assembly line. A&G installed several blow molding machines and the required piping needed for the development of hollow plastics and other container products.
  3. Klein Tools: At A&G, we are excited about providing reliable services to meet our customers’ needs. A&G began providing services and the installation of plumbing, mechanical, and industrial process piping systems for Klein Tools by assisting them with their new heat treatment facility.

The A&G Experience

Our experience in pipefitting and dedication to best practices has helped make A&G Services an industry leader in piping solutions. However, we don’t just provide top-notch services—our technicians are committed to increasing knowledge about process piping and its importance in a wide array of applications.

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