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Many industrial factories need to be able to convert liquids, chemicals, fuels, gases, or other raw materials into a usable product. This process is often done by using pipes that direct the material throughout the building. However, these pipes aren’t a part of the building’s mechanical systems. This includes systems such as tubing, pipes, pressure hoses, valves, separators, traps, flanges, and more.

Process and Power Piping

Process and Power Piping relates to the piping system and the fundamental factors that are not associated with building services or operations of power piping. Power piping might be installed in pharmaceutical, textile, paper, chemical, cryogenic, and semiconductor plants and further associated processing plants and terminals.

The confluence of complex industrial piping

Industries We Serve

At A&G, we have extensive experience in process and power piping and serve various industries, such as:

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Our Expertise

Our expert team of professionals at A&G:

  • Is familiar with working inside industrial plants with ongoing operations, holds the capability to work around production schedules, and also offers gas piping services to pharmaceutical and food and beverages industries.
  • Has a large-sized fabrication facility, along with state-of-the-art equipment, meaning fabrication for piping will be managed in-shop for quick turnaround time.

All these streamlined fabrication and installation processes empower us to complete your projects within specified budget and predetermined timeline.

We Are Certified

At A&G, we have employed welders that are certified by the “National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau.” Our welders are also certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and hold the following ASME stamps:

  • “R” stamp: For the repair and alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items
  • “S” stamp: For the fabrication of power boilers, power piping, and pressure retaining parts

The A&G Benefit

Our team of expert professionals is skilled to perform planned outage work on a regular basis. Our expertise in project management, capabilities to coordinate, and the ability to perform with due diligence has empowered our clients to trust us to understand and fulfill their needs. It also makes us the best solution for the requirements of industries associated with process and power piping and piping maintenance.

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