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At A&G Services, we take pride in the hard work we do for our clients. Have a look at some of our successes.

See a couple examples of our work.

Our client, General Motors, required modifications to an existing primer paint booth for the installation of new Fanuc Robots.

Solution we offered:

Modifications included new primer paint lines and solvent cleaning lines to the booth. Due to production requirement, the booth could only shut down for a two-week period for the new modifications, which required over 30 men working in a small area to complete the modification. Over two months of daily coordination before the shutdown was needed between the different crafts to make this project successful.

Three people standing together in an industrial warehouse discussing a construction idea

Solution we offered:

For over 30 years, A&G has served the Coca-Cola Company in its Fort Worth facility and on various projects for all of the Coca-Cola brands. Many of these projects consisted of a food-grade piping process system for the transport of food-grade fluids and other systems.

Solution we offered:

A&G is currently working on the new F35 assembly upgrade. Phase 1 started in 2016 with other phases to be complete in 2018-2019. A&G is a valued partner in the upgrade piping for the new assembly stations.

Solution we offered:

At A&G we are excited about providing reliable services to meet our customers’ satisfaction. A&G began providing services and the installation of plumbing, mechanical, and industrial process piping system for Klein Tools by assisting them with their new heat treating facility.

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Our client, Alcon Laboratories, required a new process line installed for bag-filling operations in an existing area of the plant.

Solution we offered:

We installed new filling equipment, compounding reactors, sanitary pumps, and stainless-steel process tubing to service the new bagging line. Reactors and piping were installed in the existing compounding area located on the second floor and piping was installed through a maze of existing ducts and utilities to the new area. The orbital welding process was used for the new piping and process systems.

Installation of O² injection into an ASME reactor tank.

Solution we offered:

For the installation of the O² injection into an ASME reactor tank, we added multiple nozzles into an existing ASME coded tank and installed pumps and stainless steel piping from a new oxygen distribution area adjacent to the reactor building. Once completed, General Chemical had similar O² injection systems installed on all reactors.

Solution we offered:

In the oil and gas sector, A&G has fulfilled piping fabrication needs for the Renewable Energy Landfill methane gas generation plant at McCommas Bluff in Dallas, Texas. This landfill is operated by Dallas Clean Energy and was a multi-year project designed by VCore Energy. By providing welding, bending, blasting, and painting of different piping components and systems including stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, and PFA tubing, we were able to help Texas become more eco-friendly.

Solution we offered:

A&G provided welding and repair work services while following complete ASME standards for the testing division of Weatherford International located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Solution we offered:

A&G has installed multiple cleanroom facilities for the production of plastic bottles used in the food and beverage industry. We installed complete cleanroom facilities along with the HVAC and process piping for new blow molding equipment in these rooms. High-pressure air piping was installed from existing systems while maintaining ongoing production in the other areas of the plant. We also helped by by equipping them with brand new equipment and process piping systems to help them with their plastic packaging assembly line. A&G installed several blow molding machines and the required piping needed for the making of hollow plastics and other container products.

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